Our Story

Our story

Carmel Organics founded in 2012 with the vision to work with organic farmers. We started buying and supplying raw herbs from farmers to B2B Companies.

We started promoting organic farming among herbal producers and also connected to existing organic herbal producers for buying their produce in premium prices.


We understood that the raw produce needs to be cleaned before sending them to manufacturer so we set up a rented facility for carrying out cleaning of raw materials and removing foreign particles and impurities. We gained customers trust by providing cleaner materials on time. And also on back end, farmers started taking more interest in growing together with Carmel Organics.


We run our Organic farming program and carried out organic farming certifications to their farms free of cost to the farmers. With distributing free seeds, organic inputs, certification, cultivation guidance and market of their produce.


With increasing the number of products we also grow our customers base and bought our own powdering machines for offering herbal powders and T cuts to our customers.


With growing numbers of customers and orders, we shifted to a bigger facility and increased work force in management from accounting to operations and sales to sourcing.


Quality has been a very important factor in the business, our initial growth and success was because of the supplies of cleaned and good quality raw materials to our customers that we were doing consistently. But soon, we realized that physical quality and cleaned material is not enough for growing further. we faced some serious troubles in regulatory compliances failure with respect to the chemical MRLs in our products. We recalled dozens of supplied containers. We did root cause analysis and build our own product specs in accordance with the compliances. After this, every batch that we buy, process and supply is being analyzed by world class laboratories for compliances check.


We became more conscious on quality and reliability and for that we started keeping inventory of all our offered products. It brought us a rapid change in our responsiveness and commitment to our customers. Our order processing time reduced and we were able to supply the organic products more quickly.


We launched our Retail division by packing single herbs and spices powder and TBC in retail packing with the Brand “TRUU”. Our products are available on our own online store (www.truu.in) as well as major E-commerce platforms in India.


However, our core philosophy and business processes are more for serving B2B customers, we realized that Herbal industry is big and segmented into various smaller categories. And it is very tough for us to serve all companies with one solution and product line. For solving this, we started FLAVOHERBS. Flavoherbs is a B2B Brand from Carmel Organics which is launched to serve tea industry with ingredients, product development and private label services. Under Flavoherbs, we are building more ingredients which can be used into teas as single ingredient tea, blends, infusion etc. and building an infrastructure for filling tea bags and doing private label to our customers based across the globe.


We are visioning to serve herbal industry with building segment specific brands, divisions, and offerings & putting Quality, reliability and small farmers’ benefits in core.


We are now working on increasing our products, services as well as customers in all around the world.