Our Impact


Carmel Organics’ experience in the agriculture sector makes it uniquely positioned to manage the flow of organic agricultural produce and credit between the farmers and the organic market. The uniqueness of Carmel Organics’ business model lies in the fact that we are able to add value at nearly every stage of the organic agriculture supply chain. As a result, we see tremendous opportunity to grow our business and improve earnings while delivering value to farmers, organic agri-processors, and buyers.

Social responsibility is the key mantra of Carmel Organics. Our organization contributes Social, Economical & Environmental impacts to the communities of our work.

We empower farmers and let them innovate further techniques & technologies to adopt on their farms. We train and educate farmers on how to improve productivity. We promote only organics, not chemical based techniques. Our practices promote the health of the soil, air, water & the surroundings in which farming takes place.
On one hand we have farmers who don’t get fair price for their produce and on other we have companies who don’t get quality herbal ingredients for their product. Day by day we are filling that gap while ensuring farmers get a fair share of premium on their crops ensuring socio economic development of our rural communities. We empower rural communities by providing around 20000 man days of labor at our processing unit annually. Currently we have more than 1500 farmers under our organic Internal Control System and we have impacted lives of hundreds more by procuring their produces at a fair price.

Quality and Testing

Quality is an important aspect of our operations and we at Carmel Organics lays immense importance on the quality standards delivered by us. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing the rural distribution network is accurate assessment of the quality of organic product, both for the organic farmer and the buyer. Our internal control standards provide a distinct measure to create process driven transparency.
Carmel Organics provides testing of soil and raw produce for residues of chemical pesticide. The testing is conducted by internationally accredited laboratories.